Recently, I have tried using ideas of the flipped classroom, and it seems to have a positive effect on my students so far. One of the ideas in flipped-classroom methodologies is guided self-learning, where the teacher asks the students to either read an internet article or watch an online video that the teacher has selected, in conjunction with textbook material. The idea is that the article or video is related to the topic that the teacher wants the student to learn, so that the student has a clearer grasp of the material in the textbook, and class discussions can focus on misconceptions and difficult points of the actual topic, with more time for assessment for learning.

Anyway, here are a few videos I have found on YouTube, and have shared with my students, along with the topics they covered.

Some YouTube Videos for Class

The Effects of Smoking on the Lungs.

Specific Heat Capacity

This approach is best used with Google Docs, by creating a Form that contains both the videos and questions for checking whether the student understood the material. Inserting the video into the Form is easy, and is shown on the next page.

Making a Video-based worksheet on Google Forms

Google Drive Form Making a Question
This is where a Form can be made into both a source material and an assessment tool.

On the Add Item button, there is a drop-down option on the right side of the button. This brings up the following choices.

Among the many options is the Video option under the
Among the many options is the Video option under the Layout heading.

To add the video, simply select Video, and either search for a video under Video Search, or add a YouTube URL under either Video Search or URL. Note that the embedding process is only available for YouTube videos, hence the frequent mention.



Note that the Form will not necessarily indicate if a particular student has watched the videos, but at least you can, from the answers, determine who understood the point of the topic at hand, and who did not even attempt to open the Form. This allows the teacher to plan accordingly for the next lesson.

As I am still in the process of integrating ideas of the flipped classroom into my own classes and repertoire, I am also still learning the best procedures and tweaking things for maximum efficiency. If you have any comments, or would like to ask a question, please feel free to leave some words at the bottom of the page. What do you think of this?