Here in Freaky Physics, I try to be very careful that everything I use is either my own thoughts, or is properly attributed. This is because I know that everything comes from somewhere, and in case of blog posts, it's either yourself, or someone else's hard work.

In case you are wondering where this rant is coming from, my Year 11 students were learning about standing waves (stationary waves), and I pointed them to one of my old blog posts from a back-up blog as one of the sources. The link is here.

A few days after, a student from the class told me that somebody had basically copied this blog post and claimed it as their own. I am not linking to that site now, with the hope that we can get to a good agreement. I do feel that the copying was not done with malice at heart, and so I have requested for attribution.

I do understand that it is difficult to write, even if you are a writer yourself. I just want the world to be a better place, and one way to do that is to give credit when credit is due. So for now, I'll be waiting for a response, and hopefully everything will sort itself out. Wish me luck!