Physics Behind the Nonsenes: Why Magnetic Bracelets Don't Work

The Question Magnetic wrist bands and bracelets. They're supposed to relieve wrist pain, headaches, and a whole sort of maladies. They're supposed to work, but do they, really? There have been several attempts to sell magnetic wrist bands and bracelets to the unsuspecting public. Just look at these examples. However, most if not all websites […]

The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Driving a Rock Car

The Question One thing I remember from my childhood is watching The Flintstones. For those who may not have seen it, The Flintstones is an animated series about a "modern" society set in the Stone Age. Or so we thought. One of the things I have always noticed is how the people started and stopped […]

The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Lightning and Fish

The Question Storm clouds of torrential rain and flashes of white-hot light suddenly appear on the horizon, just as when the sailboat was about to hoist anchor. The captain, traumatized by his decades of experiences with tempests, runs off the boat. You follow, but only because you hear him scream, "Thunder! AAAHHHHH!" Seemingly failing to gain laughs […]

The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Iceman is Hot!

The Question A physician friend recently made a Facebook post about Wolverine's healing factor. Apparently, that was not the first time the question came up online. However, this got me thinking about other superheroes' possible problems, and came up with a question. Is Iceman really cold?

The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Video Game Energy Weapons

The Question Reading through's latest Photoplasty contest, I came across this graphic. Why do energy-based weapons in video games travel at a much lower velocity than bullets?

The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Tuning Bagpipes

The Question I couldn't think of a new question for the series, so I decided to head out on Google and look for some questions to answer. Here is one from the site Fun Stuff to Do. How can you tell when it is time to tune your bagpipes?

The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Pinocchio's Nose and Earth Orbit

The Question As I was watching videos on my YouTube account, this SciShow video was among the recommendations. Now, I love reading the comments as much as watching the video itself; there is usually a comment that simply makes me roll over laughing. Every so often though, something golden comes up, like the following question […]

The Physics Behind the Nonsense: Kilograms and Instagrams

The Question On one hand, the kilogram. The SI unit of mass (NOT WEIGHT!). Currently defined as the mass of a certain platinum-iridium cylinder, the kilogram may receive a new definition, or another, soon. For simplicity though, the mass of 1 litre of water is 1 kg.

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